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This page provides a forum for artists. We do not promote, or commercially pursue the sales of artwork. Instead, we see art as an important part of life for visitors, and local population. We strongly recommend to visit local artists, when being on the island.

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Art of St. Maarten and St. Martin
Artists, Galleries, and Art News

Paul Elliott Thuleau has his studio and showroom in the heart of Grand Case. "The subject is of little importance, I paint a way of seeing the world", says the artist. It is difficult to describe the intense colors reflecting the impressions of light and sun in the Caribbean. Paul has an interesting development from architecture to painting. It shows in the clear cut forms of his paintings. You must see it, best to do it at the Tropisme Gallery in Grand Case, which he shares with a few other artists. See more about Paul and his work on his website.

 Dona Bryhiel
The island has an amazingly active art scene. ARTLOVERS is an established artists' association on the French side to promote art on the island. The association has some 40 members and even more participants in the annually staged Artlovers "Open House Weekend". During this "Open Door" event, the participating artists make their work publicly available during a weekend (usually in February or March) and show a wide range of art being worked on.

Logo of Art Lovers St. Martin/St. Maarten

Nathalie Lepine Portrait by Nathalie Lepine, one of the co-owners and artists at Gallery Tropismes in Grand Case.
Francis Eck, on Nettle Bay, St. Martin Click image for contact Tropiques, by Francis Eck
"Tropiques" by Francis Eck
Some artists are more visible and well established, as famous Sir Roland Richardson, also called the "Father of Caribbean Impressionism". His work is on display in his own gallery in Marigot, and at other places around the world. Born May 18, 1944 in Marigot on St. Martin, Roland Richardson is recognized today as one of the Caribbean's premier artists. His works of art encompass many of the classic mediums including oil, watercolor, pastel, charcoal and etching. Stamp for Sir Richardson
Click on the envelope!
Sir Roland Richardson has been honored with a limited edition of a French postal mail envelope.
Some artists are working in secluded studios, and display their work in famous NY-City galleries, or elsewhere in the world. A typical example is Norma Trimborn Norma Trimborn  with her unique, expressive oil paintings of exceptional vigor. Norma Trimborn and her evenly talented sister Corinna work in the quiet neighborhood of the French Lowlands at their recently established NoCoArt studio. Some of their paintings reflect the nature and the vivid colors of the Caribbean, whereas the majority of paintings is focused on people, their feelings, and the expression of their inner conflicts and emotional tensions. Paintings become a media for psychoanalytical processes of the artist and the spectator.
Unerwartete Begegnung by Corinna Trimborn See more work of  Corinna Trimborn Corinna Trimborn
NoCoArt Studio
Terres Basses
Carnival in green, by Norma Trimborn
Carnival in Green
by Norma Trimborn
L'atelier des Tropismes is located in the heart of Grand Case on St. Martin. This fine gallery features several great artists:
Great place to visit on main street in Grand Case (107 Blvd. de Grand Case).

L'atelier des Tropismes

L'atelier des Tropismes Grand Cae

For the last 35 years, Jean Vallette has been an artist who expresses his creativity about female bodies in his fine art photography. Instead of raising the body, he prefers to see the spectator coming towards shapes and discover by himself the woman who he exalts. Passion, desire, envy are first of all emotions expressed by deep inner feelings.
Jean Vallette, Fine art photography View more on website.
Jean Vallette, Fine art photography
More Art Online
Island Art & Treasures is a premier online source for island-themed art and decor. They represent some of the finest artists throughout the Caribbean.  Island Art & Treasures offers original paintings, giclee* reproductions, and limited edition prints, as well as numerous art-related gift items. 
Giclay (zee-clay) is a French word for "sprayed ink". Learn more about it, click:
Explanation of giclee
Art Events take place at various locations. Beside Grand Case with its art scene, some activities can be found in Marigot and galleries are also located in Philipsburg and elsewhere on island.  

Artcraftcafe Gallery
– Art school of local Artist Tess Verheij
Oldstreet 116, Philipsburg
Open 10:00am - 5:30pm
Website: or on Facebook-link
Tess Verheij
© by Tess Verheij

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Caribbean Art has many faces. Intense colors are a common denominator. We show on this website examples of fine art.

Caribbean Art

Francis Eck
was born in Alsace/France and chose to live on Saint Martin 20 years ago. Meanwhile his reputation traveled far beyond the island: London, Paris, Geneva, Monaco, Tokyo, New name just a few. He describes his work as "Color is pushed to its most vibrant limits with a rhythm and energy guided by the spatula". His subjects are inspired by his travels and most simply of all, by the emotional side of life.

By the Sea, by Francis Eck, artist on St. Martin
"By the sea" by Francis Eck

Les pelerins, by Francis Eck, artist on St. Martin
"Les Pelerins" (The Pilgrims)
by Francis Eck

Apres l'orage, by Francis Eck, St. Martin
"Apres l'orage" (after the storm) by Francis Eck

Stephanie Tihanyi
is an artist who has lived on St. Maarten for a number of years. She first came to the island in the 1970's and has made the island her home. Stephanie lives and paints in Grand Case at her studio, where she also sells her work. She qualifies herself as "a surreal/visionary artist" but also paints themes of island nature. To learn more about Stephanie and her work, please visit her blog "An Artist in St. Maarten".

Purple Vine flower by Stephanie Tihanyi
Purple Vine flower by
Stephanie Tihanyi

Patrick Poivre de La Fréta

Patrick Poivre de La Fréta

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