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Maho Beach and Sunset Bar are favorite hangout spots
Maho Beach - an unique fun place
Maho Beach
a beach with a thrill - airplanes to touch - a must see on St Maarten!

Maho Beach is facing the west of the Caribbean sea, so sunset views are great, but sometimes obstructed by approaching airplanes landing at Princess Juliana airport (SXM). Touch down is about 40 -100 yds behind the beach. As bigger as closer!

Don´t forget to bring your camera, because nowhere else a Boeing 747 will be passing as close over your head as on Maho Beach.
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Maho Beach, bordering the Maho Resort and Royal Islander Club, is a small stretch of white beach. It is the location that attracts all of its visitors: The beach is located at the Western end of the runway of Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM), thus providing you with a very special experience! For those who love the thrill, or just like airplanes, watch and see incoming jets gliding in and landing just a few yards above your head!

The best time of the day to see the most is between 1:30pm - 5:00pm. The 747's and Airbus 340 usually glide in around 2:00 and leave around 4:00pm, which is sandblasting time!
Watch an aircraft landing at SXM airport next to Maho Beach!
Airplane Landing at SXM airport St. Maarten

Several other videos can be launched from this webpage. Just enjoy the kick of seeing aircrafts much closer than usual.
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Small planes are coming in as well....
Small aircraft on approach on Maho

Small aircraft on approach
Getting closer!

Mobile snack bar on Maho
Mobile Snack Bar
on Maho Beach

Restaurant Terrace on Maho Beach
Restaurant Terrace at Maho Beach

Nowhere else a Boeing 747 will be passing as close over your head as on Maho Beach
Get your camera ready for your scary movie or shots!

One of the large passenger jet approaching Juliana Intl' Airport on St Maarten

The beach is lined with a few rocks to both ends, and a picturesque cave, however a bit too far to swim out to there. Snorkeling is supposed to be good around the rocks, depending on weather. Watch the waives in the evening. The back light let you see amazing fish in the surf.

Maho Beach on St Maarten
American Airlines landing on St. Maarten

Maho Beach and AA landing at SXM on a Sunday afternoon
The probably best place on Maho to watch incoming and departing airlines is Sunset Bar & Grill

American Airlines landing on SXM airport St Maarten
Remain seated - on the beach, too!

In general , the leeward beaches to the west and southwest are calmer, facing the Caribbean Sea. Therefore, Maho is a beach with relatively low surf, although it can change quickly. The beach is not suitable for small children due to a rather steep drip off into the sea.
Maho Beach is an almost white powdery sand beach with no natural shades, like trees. Loungers and umbrellas are available for rent. The beach has several resorts, hotels and beach bars/restaurants in walking distance. Facilities close by include the Sonesta Maho, and Maho Beach Resort.

One of the large passenger jets in some distance to Juliana Intl' Airport on St Maarten

Sit right in the middle of the beach, and you will get the full thrill! And when jets are taking off, the blast is so strong that it´s blowing sand and belongings all over the place!

Thrill on Maho Beach, Sint Maarten
Move mouse over photo!

Warning against low flying aircrafts on Maho Beach
It happened a few times that cars got blown off
by departing aircrafts - no kidding!

View from the West of Maho towards runway

Approach to Sunset Bar on Maho
Sunset Bar at Maho Beach
Another great You TubeVideo for airplane enthusiasts.

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Passenger jet on approach landing on St. Maarten
Click on photo for an exciting video of a B747 from cockpit view landing on St. Maarten !

Small airplane almost touching the beach at Maho
If you miss the right time, enjoy the small airplanes in arms length!

A passenger jet on approach
Entertainment climax for aircraft spotters is around 2:00pm, when the Air France Airbus 340 arrives!
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NEW Lodging close to Maho Beach:

Villa La Casita

Great waterfront villa offering 3 bedrooms. Great for a family vacation directly on the water of South Simpon Bay: Villa La Casita
Waterfront on South Simpson Bay near Maho Beach

The BoCo Studios

BoCo waterfront Studios on Burgeaux Bay, near Maho Beach Waterfront Studios on Burgeaux Bay near Maho Beach!
Maho Beach on St. Maarten
Airplane Take Off at SXM
Click for video in pop up window!Airplane Landing at SXM airport St. Maarten Airplane landing and take off including sandblasting at Maho Beach.
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The unique location of the airport, right next to Maho Beach, hotels, and beach bars, led to a challenging experience of its own: Sandblasting. So strong, that humans, beach items, and even cars have been thrown into the air.
Sunset Bar at Maho Beach

Sunset Bar at Maho Beach - loudspeakers allow you to listen to the communication between pilots and controller on approach.More about the bar here!
The aircraft accelerates the engines at start, and people try to hold to the airport fence despite the thrust and hot exhaust fumes. The sand performs like a powerful sandblaster and people are blown into the water or jump in order to escape the painful contact with the skin.
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Maho Beach:

Casa Boco

Villa Casa Boco, a 5 bdr rental villa on Burgeaux Bay
Burgeaux Bay

The Cliff F6

The Cliff Condo F6
Short distance from Maho

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