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Long, flat beach on Nettle Bay

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Vacation Rentals

Most condos at Nettle Bay are presently not available due to the hurricane damage in 2017.

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Nettle Bay: a long and flat calm
beach on French St Martin


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Vacation Rentals
at Nettle Bay
Beach Club

beachfront rental at Nettle Bay Beach Club
Beach Tulip
on the beach

Beachfront rental at Nettle Bay Beach Club
Monte Cristo
Luxury duplex
Great for 2 couples

Bora Bora condo at Nettle Bay Beach Club
Bora Bora
Beach Condo

Creole Beach Studio at Nettle Bay Beach Club
Creole Beach
Step off your studio right onto the beach


The long, flat beach of Nettle Bay

Nettle Bay is located on a land strip between the Simpson Bay lagoon and the Caribbean Sea, and half way between the prestigious Terres Basses villa community and the French town of Marigot, which is about 2 miles away.

About 40 year ago the construction of "La Belle Créole Hotel" kicked off the development of Nettle Bay. The hotel had to close down in the aftermath of hurricane Louis in 1995. Today, Nettle Bay has changed into a pretty active and busy area with hotels and resorts, apartment buildings, shops and restaurants (both, lagoon-side and sea-side). This said, due to the destruction from Hurricane Irma, many homes and buildings are presently still under construction or still destroyed..

Le Sand restaurant on Nettle Bay Beach
Former Le Sand restaurant on Nettle Bay
Le Sand restaurant on Nettle Bay Beach
View towards Marigot and Marigot Bay
Beach chairs at The Sands on Nettle Bay
Beach chairs on the sands of Nettle Bay
A the Nettle Bay Beach Club
A the Nettle Bay Beach Club
Le Sand restaurant on Nettle Bay Beach
Layla's beach bar, next to Nettle Bay Beach Club

Nettle Bay Beach or "Baie Nettlé" in French, is a long, flat white sand beach with usually quiet waters.  To access Nettle Bay Beach best is to follow the signs for Ma Ti Beach, Layla's Beach Bar or The Sand Restaurant. They all provide beach access, parking and beach bar facilities.

A prime location right on the beach is the Nettle Bay Beach Club, a beachfront community of pretty Creole-style townhouses, some of them rented out to tourists.

Nettle Bay village offers a few shops, a bakery, grocery stores, car rentals and more. Most of them are located at the strip mall alongside the main road. A few restaurants and beach bars can be found on both, the Caribbean Sea side and on the lagoon side.

Beach view to the south
Beach view looking south to Maho & Terres Basses
beach view to the north
Beach view looking north to Marigot
The views on Nettle Bay are magnificent: you see the neigbhoring island of Anguilla, entire Marigot Bay and its harbor to the north (St. Martin's mountain as a backdrop), and the hilly skyline of Terres Basses to the south.

Beach home at Nettle Bay
Beach home on Nettle Bay: Monte Cristo Condo

Beach Tulip Condo
Nettle Bay Beach Club - View at Beach Tulip Condo

The Nettle Bay area has also some water sports and activities to offer, such as jetski, kayak and boat excursions and cruising. The place to sign up is at the "Flamboyant" on Nettle Bay, the former hotel resort which is nowadays converted into privately owned apartments and studios.

Nettle Bay between lagoon and the sea
The Flamboyant and Nettle Bay Beach Club

Watersports at Flamboyant
Water sports at The Flamboyant - Lagoon-side beach

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