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Villa La Paloma at Orient Bay

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Restaurants in French St. Martin
Dining in the "Gourmet Capital"

Well, the Frenchmen are known for their "savoir vivre", and this is especially true for food & wine! Thus, when you are exploring the French gastronomy of the island, you can be sure to find many, many places serving excellent food. Some of them are ranked under the top 10 of the Caribbean. On French St Martin, there are mainly three areas with a high concentration of restaurants and bars: Marigot offers you French and international dining, basically along the harbor road and around the bustling, pretty Marina Royale. Grand Case - the Gourmet capital of the Caribbean - is famous for its fantastic Gourmet Cuisine. This little charming fishing village has become a popular destination for top chefs from France, who come to the island for the season. Orient Bay offers a large choice of beach bar restaurants serving international cuisine, cocktails and snacks, along with music and, sometimes, party life. After the damage from Hurricane Irma, both, Grand Case and Orient Bay Village are getting restored or re-built. Quite a number of restaurants and bars re-opened and more plan to be back soon.
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Friars Bay Friar´s Bay 
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Mt Vernon Mont Vernon, Anse Marcel, Cul de Sac 
Orient Bay
Orient Bay
Oyster Pond
Oyster Pond (French side)
Oyster Pond
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Restaurants on French St. Martin
Restaurants on Saint Martin
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Location St. Martin IN MARIGOT Location St. Martin
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Directions and map for Philipsburg
Location St. Martin IN MARIGOT Location St. Martin
Name + Location Type of Cuisine/Description Name + Location Type of Cuisine/Description
Open after Irma!
Le Bar de la Mer
Phone le Bar de la Mer 0590 29 03 82
Marigot Harborfront
Typical French Brasserie. Good spot for people watching at the harbor in Marigot Open after Irma!
Le Bistrot Nu
Phone Bistrot Nu
0590 87 97 09
Marigot downtown
in a tiny alley opposite the Stadium
A great little French/Creole restaurant bistro located in the heart of Marigot. Great service and great (sidewalk bistro) ambiance. In our opinion, one of the best kept secrets of St. Martin. Open for lunch and dinner.

Open after Irma!
Stone House Cafe

Phone Stonehouse 590-29 68 84
18 Rue de la Republique

Stonehouse Cafe

Bistro-style cafe and restaurant addressing younger people and business people at lunch

Stonehouse Front

Open after Irma!
Recommended place to go! O Plongeoir
Phone O Plongeoir 0590 87 94 71
close to West Indies Mall in direction to harbour

French Cuisine on a beautiful Creole-style covered terrace with sea view. Very popular place with locals for both, lunch and dinner. Medium price level.


Presently closed
Recommended place to go! Le Marrakech

Web site Le Marrakech Phone Le Marrakech 0590 27 54 48
169 Rue de Hollande, Marigot (opposite the stadium).

Le Marrakech in Marigot


Open after Irma!
West Indies Mall
Recommended place to go! La Terrasse

Marigot West Indies Mall
When the Mall is closed enter through stairs on the left side of the Mall.

The West Indies Mall has a cafe inside on the lower floor, and an attractive restaurant on the top floor (La Terrasse), which has live music on Fridays or Saturdays. Nice view and romantic atmosphere at night. Small, but very nice menu at moderate prices. Very friendly service.

West Indies Mall in Marigot

New opening!
Phone La vie en Rose
Marigot Harborfront

La Vie en Rose at Marigot St. Martin

At the former place of the restaurant "La Vie en Rose" opened a Cafe Bistro, which became quite popular within a short time. Presently closed
Banana Cafe
0590 87 19 15

Downtown Marigot (across the Police station)

Snack, pizzeria, crêperie in a tropical setting and casual atmosphere. Open Monday through Saturday 7.30am to 9.30pm

Open after Irma!
La Main à la Pâte
Main a la Pate 0590 87 71 19

Marigot Marina Royale


French cuisine and Pizzeria with good rating by guests.

Marigot Marina Royale

NEWLY OPENED (after Irma)
Big Sip Restaurant and Tea Lounge
Main a la Pate 0690 65 86 88

Marigot Marina Royale
Delicious burgers and yummy sauces, excellent snapper, grilled salmon, shrimp pasta, great steak with mushrooms sauce and more... served by friendly owner Lucy and her team. Great food at very reasonable prices!!

Open after Irma!
La Croissanterie
Phone La Croissanterie 0590 29 22 66
Marigot Marina Royale

Restaurants at Marina Royale, Marigot

Snack Bar and a great place for breakfast at the Marina, including delicious croissants and French pastries. Also known for delicious crepes. Open for breakfast and lunch from 7:00am to 4:00pm.

Open after Irma!
Recommended place to go! Le Tropicana
Phone La Tropicana 0590 87 79 07
Marigot Marina Royale

Restaurants at Marina Royale, Marigot

La TropicanaClassic and creative French cuisine. A different menu for lunch and early dinner in a pleasant setting. Excellent reputation for many years.

Destroyed by Irma
La Petite Auberge des Iles
Phone La Petite Auberge des Iles 0590 87 56 31
Marigot Marina Royale


NEWLY OPENED (after Irma)
Be Kool and

Creperie du Lagoon

Phone La Petite Auberge des Iles 0590 87 59 23
Marigot Marina Royale

Two brand new eateries at the waterfront at Marina Royale, which we yet have to check out!

Destroyed by Irma
Claude MiniClub
Phone Mini Club 0590 87 50 69
Marigot Harborfront
49, Bvld. de France

Overlook the sea while enjoying a delightful seafood dinner. Nice atmosphere on this 2nd floor eatery at the roundabout of Blvd. du Front de Mer.

Presently closed
Brasserie de la Gare BDLG
Marigot Marina Royale

Quite popular casual French Creole restaurant located at the waterfront in Marina Royale. Food is reasonably priced. Casual ambiance. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Destroyed by Irma!
Cafe de Paris
0590 87 55 81
Marigot Marina Royale
next to Capitainerie

Nice open veranda style bistro and restaurant. Busy at lunchtime, attractive lunch prices. According to TripAdvisor reviews excellent cuisine and great service.

Destroyed by Irma!
The Spinnaker
Phone The Spinnaker 0590 27 53 69

Marigot Marina Royale

Casual French Brasserie and Bistro, waterfront seating at the marina (replaced former Brasserie de la Gare)

Destroyed by Irma!
Belle Epoque
Marigot Marina Royale

The formerly most popular French / International Restaurant and Bistro closed down already before the hurricane Irma. Its location is now going to be used by the new Sarafina bakery and pastries shop.

Destroyed by Irma
Le Galion
Phone Le Galion 0590 59 04 89

Marigot Marina Royale

Traditional French Cuisine enriched with local Antillean flavors. Casual atmosphere.


Croissants at bakeries in Marigot Bakeries and Snack Places in Marigot
These places are primarily bakeries, but all of them also serve lunch and snacks with limited choice, but excellent quality and low prices.

Destroyed by Irma!
Le Divin

Phone Le Marrakech 0590 87 49 36
35, Boulevard de France
(seafront boulevard)


French bakery, pastry and restaurant. Opposite market square. Open air bakery and restaurant, self service, budget priced meals. Budget place in Marigot where local people like to go for relatively inexpensive lunch break or breakfast.

Le Divin

Reopened at Marina royale.

Sarafina Bakery

If you look for a nice breakfast and snack place, look out for this great bakery and self service lunch place at the waterfront at Marina Royale. They offer a great variety of food, snacks, bakery stuff and pastries.
Click icon for Marigot map!
Directions and map for Philipsburg


Video Clip of Marigot on  St. Martin
Click for info & video tour of Marigot !
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Location St. Martin Nettle Bay Location St. Martin
Location St. Martin Sandy Ground Location St. Martin
Location St. Martin Terres Basses Location St. Martin
Location St. Martin Nettle Bay Location St. Martin
Location St. Martin Sandy Ground Location St. Martin
Location St. Martin Terres Basses Location St. Martin
Destroyed by Irma
The Bridge
Phone The Bridge 0590 29 63 57
Sandy Ground at the bridge

Restaurants in Nettle Bay/Sandy Ground

Relax in this Caribbean style decoration. Authentic Creole and local dishes, international grill, seafood specialties. Large choice of wines. Large open air terrace on the waterfront overlooking the bridge of Sandy Ground and the channel between the lagoon and sea. Friday night: Creole Buffet with live entertainment. Open for dinner only, from 6.00 to 11.00pm. Closed on Tuesdays. Closed for good after Irma
The Dreams
The Dreams 0690 75 91 05
Nettle Bay

Beach bar and restaurant right on the beach. Great seafood, e.g. lobsters, great cocktails. Open every day for lunch, Thursday to Saturday for dinner.

The Dreams restaurant and beach bar at Nettle Bay

La Cigale
website la Cigale
La Cigale 0590 87 90 23
Nettle Bay
at Laguna Beach


Somewhat hidden on the beach at Laguna Beach hotel. Don't be fooled by the location, the Chef Stephane serves wonderful French food, with a lot of fresh ingredients from France, in a warm and friendly atmosphere. In-door seating or al fresco on the beach available. Open for dinner only from 6.30 to 11pm. Closed on Sundays. Presently closed
Le Japala
Le Japala 0590 61 39 29
Nettle Bay
Moderately priced lunch and dinner with a touch of the Provence. Take away available. Closed on Sundays.

Destroyed by Irma
Le Sand
Video Le Sand
Nettle Bay
near Nettle Beach Club

Beach Bar in St Martin Beach Bar


RestaurantNewly opened Le Sand bar and restaurant is run by a French chef with excellent reputation. It is located next to The Dreams on the sea side, right on the beach.

Restaurant bar and night club at Nettle Bay

Chez Raymond / Gus
Baie Rouge
Terres Basses

Beach Bar in St Martin Beach Bar

Removed by Gov't as it has been an illegal operation at this location.

Under restoration
Layla's phone number
0590 51 00 93
Nettle Bay

Layla's Beach bar Beach Bar

This relatively new beach bar & restaurant is a great place to have a good french cuisine lunch. Not cheap, but worth every penny. Original seafood dishes. A bit hard to find since it is not located right on the road, but you have to go on a dirt road through a gate, it is next to Hotel Royal Beach, look for the big Layla's sign. Open after Irma!
Mario's Bistro
Web site Restaurant Mario'ss Bistro Phone Mario's Bistro
Porto Cupecoy
Restaurants in Nettle Bay/Sandy Ground
Moved from Sandy Ground to the Dutch side:
Romantic ambiance at the Porto Cupecoy Yacht Club. French and Italian food and attentive service have made it a longtime favorite. Prices on the upper edge.
Under restoration
Recommended place to go! Ma Ti Beach
Phone Ma Ti Beach 0590 87 01 30Email Ma Ti Beach bar
Nettle Bay

Ma Ti Beach in Nettle Bay Beach Bar

Very nice, casual beach bar and French seaside restaurant. Open for lunch and dinner, great oceanview (located directly on the beach!) Closed on Tuesdays. Fresh lobster from the tank. Moderately priced. French cuisine. MATHIS
Bistro, Café and Juice Bar
Phone Mathis Bistro and Juice bar
0590 29 79 73
102 Route de Baie Nettlé
Bistro for bfst and lunch operated by Chef de France, one of the premier catering services of the island. Also serves vegetarian food. Open 8:00am - 4:00pm.
Reopened by Dec. 2018
La Samanna
Web site Restaurant La Samanna
Phone La Samanna 0590 87 64 00
Terres Basses

Restaurant in Saint Martin

Restaurant SymbolLocated in the compound of St. Martin´s most luxurious hotel, La Samanna Gourmet Restaurant features an elegant atmosphere overlooking the amazing beach of Long Bay. One of the most romantic and exclusive settings on the island. Innovative fine French cuisine refined by exotic touches. Extensive wine list. Expensive. Dress code. Open 7/7 for lunch and dinner, from 12 noon to 4pm, and 7 to 10pm.

Le Santal*****
Web site Restaurant Le Santal
Phone Le Santal 0590 87 53 48 Email Le Santal
Sandy Ground
40, rue Lady Fish

Restaurants in Nettle Bay/Sandy Ground

Restaurant SymbolFive Star Gourmet Restaurant ranked as one of the best in the Caribbean. Many awards winning since 1976. Fine waterfront dining. Romantic ambiance and candlelight atmosphere attracted celebrities such as Brook Shield, Robert de Niro, Diana Ross, Alain Delon, Sandra Bullock, and many more to truly enjoy this exclusive place! The cuisine and service have been masterminded personally by Jean Dupont for almost 3 decades. Open 7 days a week, for dinner only, from 6.00pm to 10.30pm.
  The Nettle Bay and Sandy Ground area have some more restaurants and bars not shown here. The Sandy Ground area is mostly a "local" area. Some caution at night time is advised.   Your Input Needed
If you know about a new restaurant,
want to share an experience,
or find an inconsistency on our webpages,
please email Email Sint-Maarten.net
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Location St. Martin Friars Bay Location St. Martin
Friar's Bay
Great location on the tropical dream beach of Friar's Bay! There are two beach bar/restaurants to enjoy a casual, relaxed lunch or early dinner!

Open after Irma!
The Roots (Chez Kali´s)
Chez Kali 0690 49 06 81
Friar´s Bay

Beach Bar in St Martin Beach Bar


Rastafarian (Jamaican) Beach Bar Restaurant. Good curries and local fish. Beach chairs for rent. Bfst, lunch, and dinner. Often closed! It is also the place, where the famous Full Moon Party takes place. When? At Full Moon!

Open after Irma!
Recommended place to go! Friar´s Bay Beach Café
Phone Friars Bay Beach Cafe 0590 49 16 87
Friar´s Bay

Beach Bar in St Martin Beach Bar

Friar's Bay Beach Cafe

French and International cuisine. Casual beach bar and restaurant on Friar´s Bay beach with a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Specials change almost daily, according to the fresh ingredients the chef gets. Open daily from 9am to sunset.

We recommend this villa near Friar's Bay:
Villa Canoua
Villa Canoua

RESTAURANTS Location St. Martin Grand Case Location St. Martin
Grand Case can be described as scenic, charming, and spectacular. It is also reputed as the Gourmet Capital of the Caribbean: About 30 fine restaurants, many with waterfront settings, are here.

Grand Case Bay

NOTICE: Aside from the "Lolos", Rainbow Cafe was the first waterfront restaurant to open after the hurricanes and today is still one of the very few full-service restaurant open on the water.

Location St. Martin Grand Case Location St. Martin



Click for Grand Case map! Directions and map for Philipsburg

Open after Irma
Recommended place to go! Auberge Gourmande
Web site Restaurant Le Cottage Phone Auberge Gourmande 0590 87 73 37
89, Blvd de Grand Case

Fine Restaurants in Grand Case, the Gourmet Capital
A gourmet delight set in a traditional building dating back 120 years. It has been established since 1979 and was the 3rd restaurant to open in Grand Case, and thus, has an excellent reputation for a perfect French dining experience in a classical, romantic atmosphere. Elaborate menu with regularly changing and stunningly presented specials. Extensive wine list. Cuisine: wonderful service, charming, elegant atmosphere, with personal touch, expensive. Open after Irma
Recommended place to go!Recommended place to go! Bistrot Caraibes
website Bistrot Caraibes
Phone Bistrot Caraibes
0590 29 08 29 Email Restaurant Bistrot Caraibes
81, Blvd de Grand Case

Bistrot Caraibes

Recommended restaurant in St. Martin

Fine French Cuisine with a touch of Creole/local, and with an extensive list of fine wines. A place where you will feel welcome from the start. The two brothers, Thibault and Amaury Meziere, are wonderful hosts, and serve excellent food. Delicious appetizers. Main courses range from fresh local lobster (you'll pick yours from the tank next to your table!), fresh fish, to roasted duck.
Open 7 days/week.
Sautéed duck liver paté with mango and pistachio, sweet and sour mango sauce (House speciality) Appetizer "Foie Gras", the House Specialty of Bistrot Caraibes

Open after Irma
Blue Martini
Phone Blue Martini
0590 29 27 93
63, Blvd de Grand Case

Restaurant and Tapas Bar in the heart of Grand Case in a tropical setting. Two at the same: Elegant dining in the restaurant in the front, and casual dining in Tapas/Bistro ambiance in their beautiful gardens in the backyard.

Blue Martini Grand Case

Destroyed by Irma
Calmos Café
Calmos Cafe phone no.
0590 29 01 85
40, Blvd de Grand Case

Beach Bar and Restaurant. Truly on the beach! You sit at tables right in the sand. Excellent live music at some nights, mainly Thursdays and Sundays after 8pm. Food and beverage prices moderate. Good food. Difficult to find as the place is somewhat hidden behind an apparel boutique. Opposite the Culture center in Grand Case (The old Salt Mill), colorful orange/red Creole-style cottage.

Nice SXM
Phone L'Effet Mer 0690 76 55 97

48 Blvd de Grand Case

This new place at the former L'Effet Mer offers guests a great sea view. Open for lunch and dinner. Bar - Tapas and Restaurant service, Closed Mondays and Sunday night. Casual, laid-back setting with a veranda overlooking the beach.

New restaurant in Grand Case

Grand Case Restaurant Locations
Click on map for enlarged version in new window!

Presently closed
Recommended place to go! Ocean 82

website Ocean 82 Phone Ocean 82 0590 52 98 12
82, Blvd de Grand Case

Ocean 82 Grand Case

Ocean 82 by the sea is operated by the same owners as Bistrot Caraibes. The two brothers are well known for running excellent French style restaurants and certainly provide same high level of cuisine as they do at their other places.

Open after Irma
La Villa
Web site Restaurant La Villa Phone La Villa 0590 52 36 59
93, Blvd de Grand Case

Highly rated restaurant at the former place of the L'Alabama restaurant. On the land side of the main street. See TripAdvisor for excellent rating: TripAdvisor

Open after Irma
Recommended place to go! Le Cottage
Web site Restaurant Le Cottage
Phone Le Cottage 0690 62 26 86
97, Blvd de Grand Case

Let hosts Tania and Stephane (le sommelier), David and Juilien spoil you for a night in this quaint place with great French cuisine. Nice atmosphere. Extensive wine list, with some very fine wines. One of the best foie gras on the island. Fresh lobster, fabulous seafood, fresh fish, Surf´n Turf. Open for dinner only from 5.30 to 10.30 pm. Closed on Sundays.

The Cottage Grand Case

Destroyed by Irma
Love Hotel
Web site Love Hotel Phone Love Hotel 0590 29 87 14
140 Blvd Grand Case
Love Hotel

Small seaside hotel run by a young couple (at the former spot of "Chez Martine") offering a Tapas Bar, predinner appetizers, cocktails. Lovely view from the beachfront dining veranda. Beach facilities (loungers, beanbags etc.). A trendy place in Grand Case attracting a younger crowd.

Presently closed
Web site restaurant l´Escapade
Phone L'Escapade 0590 87 75 04
Email Restaurant l´Escapade
94, Blvd de Grand Case

Thirty years ago, it was a Créole shack on the beach in a sleepy fishing village. Today it is a smart gourmet restaurant serving fine French Cuisine with an accent on fish, and lobster from the tank. On the beach of Grand Case, great food, great service, expensive. Open 7/7 for dinner, 6.00 to 10.30pm.

Presently closed
La Petite Table
Phone La Petite Table 0590 29 16 90
139, Blvd Grand Case

Restaurant in place of former L'Estaminet.

Open after Irma
PHone Hevea
0590 87 56 85
Blvd de Grand Case

Small French restaurant located in the small hotel of the same name.

Open after Irma
Recommended place to go! "The Lolo's"

Seaside, in
the heart of Grand Case

At the Lolos in Grand Case

To explore at least once during your visit on the island! These Lolo's are casual open air, BBQ eateries run by locals. Setting of the picnic tables is around the BBQ grills with the catch of the day, fresh fish, lobsters, gambas, and ribs, chicken etc. Very moderately priced for very decent food! ($12-15 for a meal). The Lolo's don't look fancy, but you'll enjoy the food, and you won't leave hungry, for sure!

Closed after Irma
La Noche
PHone La Noche 0590 29 72 89
147, Blvd de Grand Case

Restaurant, bar, and lounge. Trendy and exotic decor in red and black colors. Different to the other places in Grand Case. Dinner from 7pm to 12pm. Closed on Monday.

New restaurant

Web site Restaurant Barranco Phone Barranco
0690 77 09 17
Blvd de Grand Case 70

Restaurant Barranco

At the place of the former Italian restaurant "Il Nettuno", Restaurant Barranco is about to open (11/2018). Tropical Restaurant for
Sunset & Dinner.

Presently closed
Recommended place to go! Le Shambala
Phone Le Pressoir 0690 24 47 00
28, Blvd de Grand Case
Opened in 2013 at the very appealing seaside location of the former 'Le Shore' restaurant. French chef with merits from star restaurants in France and sous chef winner of various competitions. Open from 4.00pm for cocktails, from 6.00 pm for dinner. Click for more:Le Shambala Restaurant Grand Case
Grand Case Grand Case beach
is lined along a great beach. The main street runs parallel to the beach. More about the beach.
Grand Case features about three dozens of restaurants and bars. We show some of the more popular places. Don't hesitate to be adventurous! Tell us about your experience! Go Email
Presently closed
Les Bains
Phone Les Bains 0690 27 97 08
Blvd de Grand Case
Bar catering Italian tapas at nice location with great views of sunsets. Located next to the Lolos at the wooden dock. Live music. The place has been closed down by Gov't in early 2018 due to some license issues.
Sunset Grand Case
Open after Irma
Rainbow Cafe
Phone Rainbow 0690 18 30 78
176, Blvd de Grand Case

Rainbow Grand Case
Stylish bar and restaurant with in- and outside seating. Great views of the Grand Case Bay. Open for lunch and dinner. Beach access and loungers available. At the Southern end of the Grand Case mainstreet. Closed on Tuesdays.

Reopened in Jan. 2019
Recommended place to go! Le Pressoir
30, Blvd de Grand Case

Fine Restaurants in Grand Case, the Gourmet Capital

Le PressoirFine French cuisine. Lot's of atmosphere in this 1886 Creole house. Great desserts. Very French, great beef tenderloin. Specialties: sea scallops with mango, homemade Porto foie gras, grilled snapper in vanilla sauce, lobster Antillean style. Recommended by the French cuisine guide GaultMillau. New owners, same as Soleluna.

Open after Irma
Piazza Pascal
Phone Piazza Pascal
0590 87 39 21
101, Blvd de Grand Case

La Petite Favorite in Grand Case

Italian and French cuisine. Open daily from 5:30pm - 10:00pm. Restaurant located in the quiet yard of the beautifully renovated little Creole marketplace of "La Petite Favorite".

Closed after Irma
Le Select
Phone Le Select
0690 88 80 88

49, Blvd de Grand Case
Bar for late night people. Opens 11:00pm, closes at 4:00am. If you search for accommodation in the heart of Grand Case, check this website for several options in condos, cottages, and apartments. DreamBeaches

Closed after Irma
Le Soleil
Email restaurant Le SoleilPhone Resto du Soleil 0590 87 92 32
60, Blvd de Grand Case

Dinner and lunchLe Soleil (the sun) with its tag line "Our business is to let you have fun!" is located on the shores of Grand Case Bay near the bridge and the lolos. This restaurant combines French cuisine from Alsace with Caribbean flavors. Various fish and meat favorites are offered, and also specialities from the Alsace region, such as Tarte flambée (a kind of pizza), and various pastas. Lunch specials at approx. $15.00, otherwise relatively expensive.

Closed after Irma
Villa Royale
Phone of Restaurant Villa Royale
0590 87 07 42

47, Blvd de Grand Case

Caribbean restaurant with authentic local Creole cooking in a friendly, comfortable setting.

Open after Irma
Recommended place to go! Spiga Cafe
website Spiga
Le Spiga 0590 52 47 83 Email restaurant Spiga

Spiga Appetizer

Creative Italian Cuisine in a beautifully restored, authentic Creole Home. Fine Italian wine list. Open 7/7 in high season, closed Sundays in low season. Open for lunch (NEW!!) and dinner only from 6 .00 to 10.30pm. Despite high price level very popular restaurant, so reservations recommended.

Sunset Café
Sunset Cafe in Grand Case
0590 29 43 90

Sunset Cafe Beach Bar and restaurant in Grand Case Beach Bar

Fine Restaurants in Grand Case, the Gourmet Capital


Tucked away in the gated grounds of the Grand Case Beach Club, this is a fine place for a Caribbean sunset overlooking Anguilla and Creole Rock. Nestled next to the sands of "Petite Plage", you can also enjoy a casual lunch with a selection of meat, poultry, seafood, salads, pasta and sandwiches. Broad array of desserts and kids menu. The evening dinner menu offers delicacies such as Lobster Ravioli, Chilean Seabass with almonds, all complemented by a wide selection of French, Italian and Californian wines. Daily changing specials. Panoramic view of Grand Case Bay. Recommended for breakfast (continental or American) as well. Open 7/7 bfst, lunch and dinner.

Closed after Irma
Le Tastevin
Phone Le Tastevin
0590 87 55 45
86, Blvd de Grand Case

On the beachside, very good French food, great location, delicious, expensive. Open daily 12pm - 2pm and 6pm - 10pm for lunch and dinner.

Closed after Irma
Le Ti Coin Créole

Phone Ti Coin Creole 0590 87 92 09

Le Ti Coin Creole

Antillean Restaurant with Creole specialties: grilled chicken, curry goat, curry conch, chicken sate (peanut sauce), shrimp scampi, Mahi-Mahi, fresh red snapper, banana chocolate cake, moderately priced. Homemade rum punches, prepared by well known native chef Carl. Open 7/7 for lunch and dinner.

Closed after short life
Au bout du monde
0690 66 80 03
48 Blvd de Grand Case at bridge

"At the end of the world", what the French name says, does not apply to this place just next door to Zen it!. The streetside trattoria, bar and tapas place offers inside and street seating. Located right by the bridge in Grand Case.

Closed after Irma
Zen it!
Phone Zen it! 0590 29 44 84

Blvd de Grand Case at bridge
A beachside eatery and barwith open terrace serving snack in a casual ambiance. Located right by the bridge in Grand Case. Great view!
Click for
Grand Case
Directions and map for Philipsburg
Editor's choice for villa in vicinity of Grand Case:
Villa Canoua
Villa Canoua
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Location St. Martin Mont Vernon Location St. Martin
Location St. Martin Anse Marcel Location St. Martin
Location St. Martin Cul de Sac Location St. Martin
Location St. Martin Mont Vernon Location St. Martin
Location St. Martin Anse Marcel Location St. Martin
Location St. Martin Cul de Sac Location St. Martin

Recommended place to go! La Villa Rouge
(formerly Jam Rock
Villa Rouge

villa rouge 0690 22 41 42
97 rue de cul de sac
(on the road to Anse Marcel and Pinel ferry)
Open except Monday for lunch and dinner.
Former owners & chef of La Villa Pizza in Cul de Sac (completely destroyed from hurricane Irma) relocated here. Great value for fixed lunch menu. Dinners: traditional French cuisine, but also pizzas (takeaway from 6 pm to 10 pm), homemade deserts. Friday nights couscous royal.

Destroyed by Irma
Grain de Poivre
Grain de Sel
0690 77 97 87
111 rue de cul de sac
French Cul-de-Sac
(on the road to Anse Marcel and Pinel ferry)

French food at reasonable price tags. Good feed back on TripAdvisor. Open from 5:00pm.

Open after Irma
Recommended place to go! Le Taïtu
Phone Le Taitu
0590 87 43 23
Route de Mont Vernon

Restaurant Taitu at Mont Vernon St. Martin

Basic French restaurant with nice seating in an old cottage-style building with open sides at Mont Vernon road. Short menu with main courses around 15 - 18 Euros. Lunch time specials at excellent value for 10 and 14 Euros. Open for lunch and dinner from Monday - Friday. See map for directions. Click Map of Le Taitu location.

Open after Irma
Sol e Luna
Phone Sol e Luna
0590 29 08 56
61, Route de Mont Vernon

The Sol e Luna is an upscale French restaurant and guesthouse at the street to the Mont Vernon area. Although the restaurant conveys a romantic setting, unfortunately no nice view and sometimes the smell from the lagoon waters in front of the place. Despite the high ratings elsewhere, the editor would select other fine dining places, e.g. in Grand Case. Open for lunch and dinner.

Open after Irma
Route de Cul-de-Sac
Phone Pancho Villa 0690 63 11 19
Creole style restaurant, moderate prices. Makeshift tents for guests.
Opposite the pharmacy.
Hurricane Irma Info
The area at Cul-de-Sac has been terribly hit by the hurricane. Though, small local restaurants pop up and visitors are advised to check them out.
Please, let us know about your experiences. See here for a message form.

Open after Irma
Le Comptoir
Route de Cul-de-Sac
right side of the road

The former Mexican restaurant Pancho Vila reopened under new name and style. Bar and restaurant. Nice setting with attentive staff.

Le Comptoir Nice bar and restaurant with live music on some nights

Destroyed by Irma
Recommended place to go! Pizza
Route de Cul-de-Sa

Now moved up to "Villa Rouge"

Small French restaurant specializing in Pizzas, served al fresco on a small terrace. Pizzas are great and crusty.

Anse Marcel Beach
website Ansel Marcel Restaurant Phone Anse Marcel Beach
0690 26 38 50

Sunset Cafe Beach Bar and restaurant in Grand Case Beach Bar

Anse Marcel Beach Restaurant and bar

Opened in Dec. 2018, this restaurant and beach bar is the first reopened restaurant at Anse Marcel. It is in front of the "Domaine" Hotel.
A bit difficult to reach due the ongoing construction work at Anse Marcel.

Anse Marcel after hurricane Irma
Anse Marcel beach after the hurricane - perfect for a swim.

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Location St. Martin Orient Bay Location St. Martin
Orient Bay
Location St. Martin Orient Bay Location St. Martin

Open after Irma!
Phone Astrolabe 0590 87 11 20
Orient Bay
(at Esmeralda R

Astrolabe restaurant on Orient Bay

Another hidden restaurant of St. Martin, within the Esmeralda Resort on Orient Bay, warm and distinguished atmosphere. Authentic French Cuisine, fresh lobster from the tank. Open 7/7, for breakfast (7.30 to 10.30am) and for dinner (6.30 to 10.30pm). Expensive!

Destroyed by Irma
Baywatch Bar & Grill
(former Surf Club)

Beach Bar in St Martin Beach Bar


Present Status unknown.

Former owners or managers moved on to a new place next door, "Cheryl and Andy". Status as of fall 2009.

Open after Irma!
Bikini Beach
Bikini Beach 0590 87 43 25

Beach Bar in St Martin Beach Bar

Completely re-built after Hurricane Irma! Beach Bar Restaurant with International Cuisine and specialties: Tapas & Thai, seafood grill, black angus steaks. Innovative cocktail bar and sound of Salsa, Brazilian, Rock & Roll. Occasional house music. Very casual ("come as you are").

Beach chairs available.

Open after Irma!
Recommended place to go! Côté Plages
Phone Cote Plages 0590 52 47 37 Email Restaurant Cote Plages
Orient Village

Cote Plages at Orient Bay Village

Traditional French cuisine and tapas. Mediterranean-like atmosphere. Fine specialties, such as duck pie with wild mushrooms, or the Risotto of sea scallops and shrimps. Good place to take children with (pedestrian zone). Open 7/7 for dinner. Closed on Mondays in low season

Open after Irma!
Le P'tit Bistro
Phone Le P'tit Bistro 0590 29 12 56
Orient Village

Small French Restaurant at market square in Orient village. Moderate prices for very good food, excellent service and a great wine list. Very lovely inside and outside seating.

Le Petit Bistro at Village Square at Orient Bay

Orient Bay St. Martin
Click on image for enlargement in new window!

Orient Bay Village

Orient Bay Village

Destroyed by Irma
Coco Beach
Phone Coco Beach bar
0590 87 34 62

Beach Bar

Beach Bar/Restaurant next to the Esmeralda hotel, the last one in Northern direction. Beach chairs.

New restaurants at the village square
Orient Village

New restaurants at the vilage square of Orient Bay

Several new restaurants opened at the end of 2018 at the village square. Le Petit Bistro, La Trattoria, and La Voile Blanche are some of the open places.

Reopened after Irma
Kakao Beach
Phone Kakao Beach bar 0590 87 43 26

Beach Bar in St Martin Beach Bar

Kakao Beach bar and restaurant reopened in 2018. Also known as KKÔ.

Beach chairs available.

Reopened 12/2018
Phone Kontiki
0590 87 43 27

Beach Bar in St Martin Beach Bar

Kontiki at Orient Beach

Besides going there for a relaxed lunch on the beach, it's a great place to hang out at the beach renting one of their loungers. All is new and stylish after Irma.

Beach Information
More information about this fine beach, photos, and tips for 'Where to Stay' are here! 

Orient Beach

The Yellow Sub
website Yellow Sub Orient Beach Phone Yellow Sub Orient Beach 0690 67 04 87

The Yellow Sub at Orient Bay

Bar/Restaurant almost on the beach of Orient Bay, right behind the Bkini Beach Bar. Popular sports bar serving food. Serves breakfast and well attended by beachgoers after a day on the beach.

Destroyed by Irma

Beach Bar in St Martin Beach Bar

Friendly beach bar and restaurant next to Kontiki. Specialized in Mexican food, Margaritas, Tequilas, and other well known drinks.

Destroyed by Irma
Le Papagayo
Phone Le Pagayo 0590 87 33 85

"Clothing optional" Restaurant of Orient Club. Access restricted to 'Club O' members and their invited guests.

Le Piment

Phone Le Piment
0690 40 09 99
Orient Village

Newly built after the hurricane and new menu! Most popular eatery in the village! Friendly little pizza & pasta place on the market square at Orient Village. New, enlarged menu offers a wide range of delicious French food. Attentive and friendly service. Great place to take the kids out for a pizza night at reasonable prices.

Le Piment Pizza and other food

Open after Irma!
Rancho del Sol
Web site Rancho del Sol Phone number Rancho del Sol
0590 51 12 12

Orient Bay area (hilltop just before the main entrance to Orient Bay coming from Grand Case)

Open daily 10am to 10pm (verify before as it is someimes closed), Int'l food and Caribbean food, steaks, and pizzas
Al fresco dining with panoramic views of Orient Bay, Pinel and St. Barth's. Service could be better, hectic, little attention.

Open after Irma
Café Plantation
Phone Plantation 0590 29 58 05
Orient Bay (opposite the Esmeralda Resort)

Fine French Cuisine, located within the Hotel "La Plantation". Beautiful setting around a pool. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Reopening Dec. 2018
La Playa
Phone La Playa
0590 77 20 90

Beach Bar in St Martin Beach Bar

Casual beach bar for breakfast or lunch.


Open daily 10am to 10pm (verify before as often closed), Texan Food, Steaks, and also Pizzas
Al fresco dining with panoramic views of Orient Bay, Pinel and St. Barth's. Food and service very good. (con: we had to wait an hour+ until food was served!)

Open after Irma!
Little Italy
Phone Rocking Chari 0690 35 79 92
Orient Village
Open for lunch & dinner

Italian dining at the marketsquare in Orient Village. Attentive service, but menu items unfortunately overpriced!

Open after Irma
Asia Factory
(former Table d’Antoine)
Table d’Antoine 0590 52 97 57
Orient Village

Fine sushi and other Asian specialties at the entrance of the village square.

French Restaurant at Orient Bay

Presently Closed!
La Rhumerie
Bar & Snacks

La Rhumerie phone number
0590 87 74 90
Orient Village Square

At the place of the former Creole restaurant after the hurricane, a new friendly bar opened.

Rhumerie at Orient Bay Square

Destroyed by Irma

Beach Bar in St Martin Beach Bar


Reopened in 2018
La Voile Blanche
Phone La Voile Blanche 0590 27 14 47
Orient Village

Gourmet bistro with French country style menu, most reviews on TripAdvisor are very favorable.
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Location St. Martin Oyster Pond - French sideLocation St. Martin
Location St. Martin Oyster Pond - French sideLocation St. Martin

Destroyed by Irma
Captain Oliver's
Web site Restaurant Captain Oliver´s
Phone Captain Oliver's 0590 87 30 00
Email Restaurant Captain Oliver´s
Oyster Pond Marina

Restaurant Captain Oliver´s

Unique restaurant on the island, sitting right on the border of the French and Dutch part of the island. The restaurant is entirely constructed above water, in the heart of the Oyster Pond marina. The chef prepares specialties to French and Creole flavors. All you can eat buffet style dinner at Saturday nights and brunch on Sundays, buffet style.

Open after Irma!
BZH Creperie

Phone BZH 0590 87 38 41
Oyster Pond, 72 Av. du Lagon
Next to the superette at the corner of Ave. du Lagon and Rue de la Flibuste.

Very popular open air place for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Moderate prices. BZH offers beside their speciality crepes, salads, pizzas, and pasta.

Oyster Pond St Martin

Destroyed by Irma
Dinghy Dock
Phone Dinghy Dock 0590 87 10 89

Oyster Pond Marina

Evening at Oyster Pond

Bar and restaurant, famous for their "mix your own drink" gimmick, mostly sailors, boat people, and Capt. Oliver's guests, who come for a drink in very informal atmosphere, directly at the marina. Happy Hour from 5 - 7 pm. Slogan: "A dangerous bar in a safe harbor"!

Dinghy Dock

Open after Irma!
Recommended place to go! L'Oasis formerly La Fregate
Web site Restaurant L'Oasis Phone L'Oasis  0590 29 05 68
Oyster Pond

Very nice place for sitting outside, enjoying a moderately priced meal (15 - 20 Euro for main course). Corner of Av. du Lagoon and rue de l'Escale near Oyster Pond. Excellent fish, meat, and salads. Great pizzas, also for take away. Open from 7:30am to 10:00pm, closed Saturdays.

Oasis Restaurant at Oyster Pond

Destroyed by Irma
Le Planteur

Phone Le Planteur 0590 29 53 21
Oyster Pond

Oyster Pond Restaurant

Entirely destroyed and ruins removed.

Presently Closed!
Recommended place to go! Mama Pizza
Phone Mama Pizza (721) 527 1009 and

Phone Mama Pizza
(590) 0690 35 24 12
Oyster Pond #94 (French side. Near the border).
Open Mon-Sun from 4pm. Closed on Wednesdays.
2. location in Simpson Bay (as take away & delivery only).

Ample choice in fresh, genuine, crusty, great Italian pizzas, freshly hand-spun from Chef Jean. Either as take-away, or delivered to your home in the Oyster Pond area. Pizzas start at $10. Also pasta and meat dishes available. You can sit comfortably and enjoy the nice view of Oyster Pond and the star gazing! Note, the al fresco sitting area is only good on nights without wind and rain, as the restaurant area has no cover nor umbrellas to protect from rain and wind!

Location St. Martin Rambaud - Pic Paradis Location St. Martin

On the road between Grand Case and Marigot, stop here!

Recommended place to go! Loterie Farm
     - Hidden Forest Café
Web site Loterie Farm Phone Loterie Farm
0590 87 86 16
Below Pic Paradis (between Grand Case and Marigot).

The lounge at the Loterie Farm
The lounge at the Loterie Farm

The FlyZone (zip line) is part of the Loterie Farm attractions. Click FlyZone Loteriefarm

Open after Irma!
Open for lunch Tue-Sat from 12-3 pm, dinner from 6:30-9:30 pm. Sundays from 12-6 pm. Closed on Monday.
At the Forest Café, surrounded by lush green vegetation, you’ll feast your eyes and stomach on culinary creations, prettily decorated with tropical flowers. All dishes are freshly prepared, and made using the freshest ingredients (subsequently, on days in high season, when the restaurant is really busy, waiting times can be long...). Next to the Forest Cafe is a wonderful open air lounge area, tree house style. A relaxing place to either spend your waiting time for the restaurant, or enjoy a 'digestif' or a 'ptit cafe' after lunch. In high season reservations recommended, if you plan to go on a weekend day.



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